The importance of Double Cleansing

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Cleaning your skin appropriately is imperative to achieve clear, beautiful skin. That is why understanding how double cleansing works play an essential role in your skincare routine.

Let’s define double-cleansing. Double cleansing involves using a cleansing oil, balm or oil gel to break down makeup, SPF and sebum on the surface of your skin first, then following it with a deeper water-based cleanser.

So, why make cleansing a two-step process? According to the experts, there are two significant benefits to the technique. First up, when you wear foundation, double cleansing scores you a better clean. Oils will break down makeup, remove sweat, bacteria and old skin cells. This is helpful to then truly clean deeper into the pores to remove any impurities, as the second step with a detoxifying water-based cleanser. Practicing this two-step cleansing method, makes room for any active ingredients you apply afterwards on your skin to penetrate deeper, making them more effective.

Now, the question is when to double cleansing? And the answer to this question is: even if you don’t wear makeup regularly, it is still necessary to properly make sure you are cleansing your skin at the end of the day. Not only to removes makeup but also pollutants and dirt that accumulate on your skin during the day. When you cleanse your skin efficiently, you will avoid oxidative damage to the skin by inhibiting the breakdown of collagen and the development of wrinkles and sunspots.

That been said, doing the double cleansing method isn’t suitable for all cases. For instance, sensitive, dry, or rosacea-prone skin tends to over-drying; therefore, just using a gentle water-based cleanser followed by a water rinse is more than enough. Unless you are very creative and wear lots of makeup, remember less is more.

Here at Gachala skincare, we believe in double cleansing your skin. I want you to be proactive in taking care of your skin and avoid any oxidative damage as much as possible. That is why I created pure exuberance gel cleanser. This exotic Organic Amazonian Cleansing gel dissolves makeup and detoxifies your skin, formulated with the purest powerful Rainforest Oils. Our anti-ageing cleansing gel has natural AHA from Organic Strawberry and Tropical Hibiscus seed oil and Co-Enzyme Q10. Leaving your skin clean a ready to be nourished.


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