Intro to Exfoliating + 4 Benefits of Face Scrubs

Intro to Exfoliating + 4 Benefits of Face Scrubs

Exfoliating is the best follow-up step to cleansing. Once you start exfoliating, you’ll fall in love with this step. You will experience instant results that will restore your skin, making your skin softer and smoother.

Exfoliation happens on a cellular level. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but dead skin cells are being removed but this action. This is excellent because you want new skin cells to renew, so your skin will look healthier.

Exfoliating primary purpose is to remove dead skin cells. But it does not end there. It also helps your skin to absorb any skincare nutrient’s easier. As we age, that is what you want, to continue supplying these nutrients faster into your skin to minimize any signs of ageing.


1. Improved skin texture

Exfoliating allows you to experience instant results in your skin and is the only skincare treatment with this feature. For instance, Have you ever exfoliated your legs and then shaved afterward? You feel a difference in the smoothness and softness of your legs post-shave almost immediately after you performed them. This is because exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin cells, exposing new fresh baby skin.


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It’s the same concept with facial skin. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin buildup. Dead skin cells can create a flaky texture on the skin’s surface, so your skin is noticeably softer once that layer has been exfoliated away.


2. Stimulate collagen synthesis

Did you know that once you enter your thirties, your collagen production decreases?

Collagen and Skin

Exfoliating works by triggering a mild trauma to the skin. This tells the body to start producing more collagen, and as a result, your skin is more elastic over time.

That is the true key to collagen is preserving it, not trying to add to it.

3. Intrinsic and extrinsic aging benefits

Exfoliation is known to drastically improve hyperpigmentation, sun damage, wrinkles, and dehydration, all of which are associated with ageing.

Chemical exfoliants can remove skin cells that are discoloured, thereby reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. However, Chemical exfoliants can be very sensitive if you are prone to have sensitive skin. The key is to use AHA derived naturally from fruits. This the key to gently exfoliate your skin without affecting your skin barrier.


Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), are excellent especially if you want to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. AHAs work by removing dead skin cells from the edges of facial lines, creating this fantastic illusion that wrinkles aren’t as deep. It does not stop right there. AHAs also increase cell renewal rate, which helps to decrease both the signs of ageing and dehydration.

4. Draw out congestion

A great way to really decongest your skin is to exfoliate your skin if you struggle with break-outs and clogged pores. This efficiently will help you to relieve these uncomfortable break-outs allowing your skin to breathe.

The way it works is by replacing dead skin cells with new ones. This action encourages healthy skin tissue to grow after a break-out, allowing it to heal better and faster.

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Did you know that Exfoliating can also treat certain types of acne, especially whiteheads and blackheads?. Exfoliating certainly helps to draw out pollutants and debris that clog and congest your pores.


How Often Should You Exfoliate?

This is the question that you might be asking yourself right now? The truth is that When done correctly, exfoliation can play a primarily important role in your skincare routine. There are two types of exfoliation. Physical and chemical.

Like cleansing, physical exfoliation should be done daily. You can use a gentle exfoliating brush or a detox cleanser (pure exuberance gel cleanser) daily to keep up with the buildup of dead skin cells. Keep in mind that Over-exfoliation can irritate the skin, so be aware to always gently exfoliate with a soft brush or sugar scrub (Colombian coffee scrub). This will get the job done without causing damage.

Organic Luxury Coffee Body Scrub


Chemical exfoliation, aka (AHA, BHA), on the other hand, shouldn’t exceed three times per week in any skin type. Try to do it twice a week, but three is the maximum to avoid over-exfoliation and damage on your skin barrier.

As per Dermatologists’ recommendations, people with oily and acne-prone skin types can use chemical exfoliators with 10% or less daily. However, if you have very sensitive skin, you want to minimize this to 2 times per week.

When to Exfoliate

Should you exfoliate before or after cleansing? Always exfoliate on clean skin. Cleansing your skin before exfoliating ensures that dirt, makeup and pollutants are removed before the next step. What you really want is to be gentle with your skin, and cleansing precisely removes as many impurities as possible before exfoliation, which tends to be less gentle than cleansing.


Gachala Skincare has created two types of exfoliants that you can use alternately. The Colombian coffee body scrub can be used daily, preferably in the morning, due to its highest content of caffeine. It is so gentle. It can also be used on your face to revive tired, dull skin. The second one and also our best seller is Maca Exfoliant exfoliant powder. A very fun formula that combines AHA and enzymes to deeply exfoliate your skin without irritation is highly recommended for hypersensitive skin.


How to Use Maca Exfoliant Powder correctly


How to Exfoliate - Step One


STEP 1 - Make your skin face slightly wet. Keep your hands wet


How to Exfoliate - Step 2


STEP 2 - Add a quarter size of the Maca Exfoliant Powder to your hand and add water to magically activate the formula! It is so much fun.


How to Exfoliate - Step 3


STEP 3 - Continue working the formula until a lovely cloud type of foam is formed, and all the ingredients are incorporated.


How to Exfoliate - Step 4


STEP 4 - Massage into the skin in a circular motion. Do this for 25 sec for sensitive skin and 35 seconds for normal skin. The Papaya Pineapple blend enzymes and AHA from the wild berries will start working by dissolving dead skin, while the organic MACA powder and Amazonian clays will detoxify the skin.


How to Exfoliate - Step 5


STEP 5 - Remove it gently with warm water.


How to Exfoliate - Step 6


STEP 6 - Pat dry gently with a clean towel. And voila, beautiful new skin.



  • Exfoliate at least once a week to encourage collagen production.
  • Always clean your face before exfoliating your skin.
  • Use a combination of two types of exfoliants to keep your skin always looking fresh and soft.
  • Exfoliation is a crucial step in maintaining healthy skin. Never skip it.
  • Always use natural organic products that will benefit your skin by being more gentle and effective.
  • IF you are exfoliating in the morning, always wear sunscreen to protect the new baby skin.
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