Ways To Prevent Your Skin From "Inflammaging"

Ways to Prevent Inflamaging

You may have heard about the term "Inflammaging" going around our skincare community recently. Inflammaging is a chronic natural immune response to external aggressors that could significantly impact your health and, more so, your skin. If you are stressed, your diet is poor, and your skin is feeling the effects of cold weather (extreme dryness and dehydrated skin), redness, acne, eczema, rosacea or general sensitivity, chances are you might be "inflammaging." This accelerates the skin's ageing process and its inability to renew and repair itself efficiently.

Addressing inflammaging is about keeping our inflammatory response at a healthy level, Preventing our skin from acting out. Here are three ways to tackle inflammaging:

Eat a balanced diet

Having a healthy diet is very important. Eating poorly contributes to excess inflammation in our bodies. There are several inflammatory mechanisms that food can affect, such as hormonal disturbance, elevated insulin levels and compromised gut health. All of which can lead to inflammation. The best way to prevent inflammation is to consume products high in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C that help fight free radicals. Also, do not forget to maintain yourself hydrated. Drinking lots of water. This will help you to eliminate toxins faster.

Simplify your skincare routine

Keep to a simple routine, and that is going to nurture your skin. Our AMAZONIAN GODESS SERUM is simply the ultimate serum. It has an intelligent formula that will hydrate and help your skin to become resilient. Sacha Inchi is also known as the Foods of Gods by the native Incas in South America. Sacha Inchi has a high content on Omegas 3,6, and 9 helping your skin build skin ceramides. This action helps to soothe and strengthen the skin's defences against external aggressors. This serum is so powerful is precisely what you need!.


I also recommend avoiding physical exfoliators. Replace these with gentle exfoliants that contain enzymes and acids such as AHA. Gachala Maca Exfoliant is an excellent product that contains AHA from the berries to keep pore-clogging dead cells at bay without stripping the skin and stressing it out further.

Take time for yourself

It is essential to set aside some time for yourself. Did you know that stress and lack of sleep also lead to inflammation?

It is crucial that you take some time where you nurture yourself. This is simpler than you think. Reading a book, watching your favourite movie, making your favourite smoothie. All of these activities increase your oxytocin, AKA the happy hormone. Feeling well also leads to happy skin.

I would recommend using your favourite facial mask at least once a week. Gachala Skincare has a whole skincare line exclusively made for you to address your skin concerns while transporting you to the beauty of the Amazonian Jungle. If you are already dealing with some inflammation and redness on your skin, try our AMAZONIAN WHITE CLAY MASK with rare Amazonian white clay sustainably sourced from the Amazon river, it has a beautiful formula with an organic banana extract that soothes and calms stressed skin.

To add an extra soothing effect, mix your clay with our Amazonian sensitive skin facial mist. It is formulated with lavender and peppermint organic hydrosols; it brings down inflammation, diminishes redness, and adds extra hydration and vitamins.


Gachala Skincare
Peppermint Facial Mist for Sensitive Skin

Remember, inflammaging stars internally always, so please be kind to yourself. Eat a balanced diet, minimize your skincare routine and set some time for yourself. If you do this, it is almost guaranteed that your skin will look healthier and younger for a long time.