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Elevate your full-body ritual with our Sculpting Body Stone collaboration with woodland & beauty wellness. This spa-grade sculpting tool has naturally-occurring thermal conductivity properties to help ease tension, promote lymphatic drainage, and tone the body for a sculpted, lifted look. Featuring a large shaped design with an easy-to-grip handle allowing for the perfect sculpting deep tissue massage ritual.

The Sculpting Body Stone is naturally cool to the touch and can be warmed for a hot massage or chilled for a cold massage. Stones symbolize tranquility and purity and have been used in rituals for centuries because of their believed grounding properties, making them the perfect stone for all your massage needs.

How To Use: After applying Divina Body oil Serum use firm pressure to glide upwards the Guasha body stone

Use small upward motions for the following areas:
The stomach
The hamstrings
The butt
The neck and shoulders
The pectoral muscles

Use long upward strokes for the following areas:
From the lower back to the front of the hip
The inner thigh
The outer thigh
The back and underside of the arms